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Tony Walton RPT Professional woodturner

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I have been turning wood (woodturning) since 1995 using mainly locally sourced native woods with the occasional use of exotics. Turning a large range of items from Large bowls, Platters, Hollow forms, Wall art to the more mundane functional items and treen.

It was when I became a full time turner earning my income from turning that I became a professional woodturner of the Register of Professional Turners that is supported by the Worshipful Company of Turners, I was an still am a Member of the Association of Woodturner’s of Great Britain (serving on the committee for a number of years).

MP VaseMy work has varied over the years from plain wood to highly figured wood and can be smooth, textured, coloured, matt, satin or glossy depending on the look I wish to create.

Some of the items I have made have been considered to be outstanding and have been purchased by collectors in the UK and overseas

Most of the collectable items I make are one off’s and I don’t like to make copies of them.

MP vase2I have processed much of my own wood due to being good friends with a tree surgeon sometimes helping with the cutting down and processing of the trees in return for some of the wood this enabled me to select pieces of wood before they are cut and processed into firewood.

HC vaseStorage of timber for turning is always a problem as it can take many years for a 75mm plank of wood to dry and large sections of tree trunk will never dry in the round.

Rough turning an item sealing it and setting it aside to dry, it will dry within 4 to 6 months allowing Tony to remount and re-turn the item to a finish in less than a year.

Some kiln dried timbers are purchased from dealers (max of 75mm thick) for tasks that have to be completed within a short time scale (knobs for kitchens, furniture parts etc.).

I have made many commissions over the years including Trophy plinths, Trophies, Bowls, Hollow forms, Boxes, Pens, parts for antique restoration, Gavels etc.